About Agenda Communications

Over 30 Years Experience in Exhibtion & Conference Management

Agenda Communications has a proven track record in driving growth and in building sustained success for our client organizations in the field of ophthalmology.< Our distinctive approach to association management leads to the development of strong partnerships with our clients. Through true partnerships with client associations, Agenda Communications becomes a trusted advisor on which professional leaders can rely. read-more

About Agenda Communications

Located in Blackrock, South Co. Dublin, Agenda Communications have over 20 years experience in association management.

Since 1987, Agenda Communications have grown and developed to provide a first class service in establishing professional associations.

The expertise and experience of Agenda’s staff and the efficiencies provided by shared services, facilities, resources and knowledge allow our client organisations leadership to focus on their professional careers while we manage the “business of their voluntary associations”.

Some of Agenda's Clients

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Services provided by Agenda Communications

Worldwide Assoication and Conference Services available.