Management services

We bring strategy to life realising conferences and events into thriving, connected and exciting places and spaces.

At Agenda Communications and Conference Services we know how to achieve your goals, with our creative expertise we innovate conferences, integrate technology, deliver the kind of operational and financial support that gets results and ensure appropriate governance.

Creativity & Innovation

We create successful and memorable conferences and events through technology and innovation.

The Agenda Technology Team are proven innovative thinkers and pride themselves on adopting an innovative approach when it comes to creating successful and memorable conferences and events.

We share our knowledge and expertise with our clients and advise them on how to integrate the most up to date technology to their conference and create a completely interactive experience for delegates. Our technology team are always available to delegates to assist them in utilising the technology available to enhance their conference experience.

Sponsorship & Exhibition

At Agenda we understand the importance of
sponsorship & exhibitions for our clients.


Our team is experienced in sourcing new & managing existing sponsor partnerships to achieve the desired outcome.

We will partner with you on all aspects of attracting sponsors and funding. This covers a range of activities including administration, creating a sponsor brochure and the design of engaging email campaigns. We recommend that sponsors be included in the process as early as possible and we will work to establish their objectives in relation to their decision to participate.

We will work in partnership with you to decide what each sponsor will receive in return for sponsorship and to compile a tailor made sponsorship brochure outlining the opportunities to promote their brand.


Our team will manage all aspects of exhibitor liaison & carry out the required administration for the management of the exhibitor relationship.

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Our team can manage
  • Booth details (including dimensions, fascia name, electrics, furniture, AV)
  • Space allocation & Exhibitor registrations
  • Booth bookings
  • Exhibitor invoices with payment schedule options
  • Credit Control
  • VAT returns
  • Production of content for conference programme & exhibition catalogue
  • Exhibition stand inventory management system
  • Freight management

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