Association Management

We understand the challenges and conventional wisdom surrounding volunteer leadership.

We have made it our mission to help volunteer boards create transformational change. We tailor our solutions to your specific challenges and opportunities designing business strategies that enable your Association or Society grow and develop. We will become deeply vested in each client’s purpose, goals, values and long term success.

We believe in empowering volunteer leaders with the strategic thinking, best practices, technology and talent they need to achieve their goals.

Our full range of professional services will drive your Association or Society to maximise its full potential. We can provide expertise in the following areas:

Membership Management

Our strategies will drive your association’s membership value via year-round member engagement and connectivity.

By powering winning member retention and recruitment strategies, Agenda commands the full scope of membership acquisition, retention, development and best practices to enhance the engagement and participation of members.

Our expert membership team can meet important membership objectives by providing full management services or expert consultancy for a specific project. We’ll help you engage with existing and prospective members through considered operational planning and interesting, thoughtfully executed marketing and communication campaigns.

Membership Recruitment
& Retention

Online Membership

Social Engagement

& Renewals

Membership Data


Administration &
Customer Service



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We believe in providing innovative membership values that will
not only retain membership but drive member referrals.

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